Stolen Life

30-September 2009

Last Saturday, just before typhoon “Ondoy” hit the nation, a drunken man stabbed my friend’s brother, Aris. They attempted to save him but it took awhile before they could find a tricycle driver willing to bring them to the hospital. But by the time they arrived at the hospital, it was too late. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

He just graduated from university with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing and was just waiting for the date of his licensure exam. Sadly the notice of exam came in too late as well. His family received the notice of exam on the second day of his interment.

What was this man’s motive for killing him? — After he’s been apprehended by the authorities, he confessed that he overheard him commented on something or someone that stinks and thought he was referring to him. Hence, he stabbed him.

He’s now in jail awaiting his trial, but my friend and her family could no longer bring back the life of Aris. His long-term girlfriend has been inconsolable. We’re all still shocked and furious of how anyone could have so little regard for human life.

I know that all over the world, things like this happen all the time. I’m worried for the people I love and for myself. I’m saddened with the way some people could have so low morals because of their egocentricity.

– Aris Jordan Bobadilla Panesa (1988-2009)

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