Mommy, you’re number 2!

15-October 2009

It was my daughter’s quarterly examination and I was explaining to her the concept of GAPESA (Given, Asked, Plan, Equation, Solution and Answer) in Mathematics. She understood everything fine, except what she’s suppose to write down in “plan.”

She keeps putting the last couple of words in the problem, i.e., “in all,” which doesn’t make sense at all, so I told her to simply write down: “Find the sum of ___, or whatever the objects they’re supposed to add up. She totally disagree with me because she said she’s been writing the same thing ever since and her teacher consider her answers correct. True enough, when I checked her previous assignments, her teacher has indeed marked her answers right.

Of course, I was adamant that she rectify this and told her that my way is more accurate. To which, she started bawling and accused me of trying to “sabotage” her chances of acing their test. No matter how I explained it to her, she just wouldn’t believe me.

Now I know what my dad must have felt when he was trying to teach me Mathematics back when I was about the same age as my daughter now. It must have been worse for him because he’s a professor of Accountancy and a Certified Public Accountant. Talk about having confidence in your parents!

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