Can a relationship survive without sex?

8-November 2009

When my friend told me that he and his partner haven’t had sex for a very long time because his partner said she just couldn’t help but still imagine him having sex with this other woman whom he’s had an affair with more than a year ago, I couldn’t help but wonder why they’re still together.

Why would you cling on to a relationship that has apparently stagnated? How could you possibly still live with somebody whom you absolutely detest? It seems to me that she’s lost her trust on him and that she still could not forgive him for his infidelity.

My friend told me that she wouldn’t even kiss him and whenever he tries to hold her, she’d make up an excuse about how tired she is, or how her bones are achy, etc. He said at first he thought, she was just punishing him for what he did and all will be forgiven and forgotten eventually. However, now he’s beginning to doubt whether she could ever really forgive him and move on with their relationship.

I really don’t understand her reasons for not booting my friend out after all this time. I reckon a year would be enough time for anybody to assess their feelings and decide whether or not they should continue with the relationship. I also couldn’t help but ask, is it better to be in a bad relationship than not to be in a relationship at all?


A relationship needs intimacy. Regardless of whether it’s a physical intimacy or an emotional intimacy, your relationship will slowly wither and die without it… You cannot create a physical intimacy without the emotional intimacy, nor can you have complete emotional intimacy without the physical aspect as well.

If you can’t be intimate with your partner, whether physically or emotionally- or both, you cannot expect to having a lasting relationship with your partner. The reason for this is quite simple. Without the emotional and physical bond between mates, there’s nothing to hold onto when things get rough and both partners find themselves feeling as though they’ve got no anchor to keep them safe in the rocky ocean of life.

Can a relationship survive without intimacy?
by Samantha Vincent

One thought on “Can a relationship survive without sex?

  • 12/01/2009 at 5:12 PM

    shhhhh!what's the name of yer neurotic friend,i hate her!i hate her as much as i hate myself…LOL!

    but one thing for sure sista, yer friend is surely having sex with someone else…. 😉


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