UK Visit Visa Refusal

There are a number of reasons why visit visa applications are refused. I have compiled some of the most common reasons cited by other bloggers and other online articles.

The reasons range from sound to ambiguous to utterly ridiculous:

– No evidence has been submitted as to arrangements for your children’s welfare or their financial support during your proposed visit.

– No evidence has been produced by sponsor to suggest that his landlord has consented to you living at his address.

– The income you receive as a freelance internet blogger would still be available if you were not living here in there (Philippines) and that leads me (ECO) to doubt whether you would leave the Isle of Man after the period stated.

– Because they “plan a holiday for no particular purpose other than sightseeing”

– They had never previously taken any foreign travel or could not speak English (…this is a common reason for refusal but there was a first time for everyone who has gone abroad on a holiday and not having done it before is an acceptable reason for travel”).

Another woman was criticized for not researching the UK’s background when she said she wanted to spend her four-month visit to her fiancée to “just live as a housewife”.

Stories shared by readers of BBC News website:

My sisters were not given a visa to attend my wedding even if they were my only bridesmaids because apparently – this is what the officer in Mauritius said – “you are young and attractive and you are just going to England to marry English men just like you sister is doing”.

– Deepah Dbrojomohun, Rugby, England

My American girlfriend was deported in 2002 after arriving in the UK, planning on a three month stay with me. When I asked the reason why she was being deported, I was told by UK immigration that “she has too much luggage”. We are now married and living in USA far away from these ridiculous problems!

– James Cady, Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA

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  • 11/11/2014 at 3:39 AM

    As I've observed, many visas are declined because they have no clear reason on why they are going to the UK. Thanks for sharing! By the way, I also find this blog interesting: click here.


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